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Here's How To Generate A Flood Of Leads And Sales Using The Most Responsive Traffic On The Internet

  • How to get email traffic without having your own list.
  • Works regardless of your business or niche market.
  • Targeted traffic to your own offers or affiliate offers.
  • Create powerful connections with prospects and build a loyal tribe.
  • ​How to legally and safely rent targeted email lists from networks, brokers, and listowners and get almost instant results.
  • It's personally our best traffic source for both leads and sales. Here's why...

From : ABhadra and AISaikat ,

To: Our customers and subscribers

Aloha and Welcome,

If you want to scale up to six, seven, even eight figures, using the most responsive traffic on the entire Internet, listen up…

My business partner Tim and I have been renting email lists, buying traffic, and sending offers for over 20 years. Not to brag or anything, but we’ve sent well over a billion emails.

All opt-in, CAN-Spam Compliant, and 100% legal. No monkey business.

We've also collected millions of names, created thousands of campaigns for ourselves (and clients), and have built a solid, long-term business that continues to generate cash, month-in and month-out.

Bottom line is we know email marketing better than just about anyone out there, due to the fact we've been doing it for so long, and our methodology is so solid.

The Amazing Email Sales Machine!

You are about to discover the blueprint that's created multiple marketing empires, and you’ll get to see us build a brand new business in the Weight Loss Niche, completely from scratch.

You’ll even get to peek under the hood and see the results from 16 real-life email marketing case-studies.

I'll get to those in a minute, but first some straight talk about email traffic:

  • Contrary to what you may have heard, you do NOT need your own list to get email traffic. You can legitimately rent mailings from networks, brokers, and other list owners and piggy-back off their credibility.
  • You can then turn those list rentals into JV partners, and scale up your offer with zero risk.
  • Discover how to dominate any niche with email marketing. If you are wondering… “Will it work in my market?” The answer is yes. Even if you want to dominate something obscure like the “Model Train” niche, you totally can.
  • This works for both your own offers and affiliate offers. We sell our own stuff, and we also JV with other merchants for fat commissions.
  • If you are in Health, Biz-Opp, Self-Help, or Finance, good news! Email is totally scalable. Lots of lists, opportunities, and potential partnerships are out there... if you know where to look, and more important, how to ask.

Here's Our Formula For Email Success...

OK, so let’s talk about how to build a your own marketing empire with email.

The actual steps are pretty simple, it's the implementation that trips people up.

Step 1: The Offer

The big secret to all selling (online or offline) is to promote stuff people want to buy.

Sounds simple, I know, but I can't tell you how many people screw this step up with a complicated process or a revolutionary new product nobody wants.

To figure out what people are already buying, something that's in-demand, identify your most successful competitors and model them.

And to do that, you'll want to…

  • Subscribe to their lists and discover what they promote, how often they mail, and what kind of messages they send.
  • Join their affiliate program and let them hand over their winning ads, sales pages, marketing funnels, and strategy.
  • Buy their products and discover their post-purchase process, upsells, downsells, customer support features, and back-end promotions.

You can learn more about your market by studying successful competitors than through any course or training. And it's that kind of "boots on the ground" intelligence that will pay off big.

Step 2: The List

The best lists are targeted based on niche or audience type. And the most effective way to find those is to put on your customer hat and subscribe to as many lists and newsletters in your niche as you can handle. (Tip: Get a new email for this.)

Look for publications that sell advertising, and any others that impress you with great content. Now you want to put on your advertiser hat and reach out to them.

See if they sell ads, or run offers, or otherwise promote third parties. You can even ask them what's working (they'll often share if you're an advertiser).

And even if they don't, you can usually tell a list responds to an offer because the advertiser keeps running ads.

That’s a big tip off. If you see the same kinds of ads running week after week, they probably work.

Step 3: The Funnel

Let’s talk about the Funnel part, since that’s really the most important, and the easiest to solve.

Any schmuck can buy targeted clicks and send them into a sales page. In fact, that’s what most internet marketing is, schmucks buying clicks and direct linking because they don’t want to spend the time or effort to create a funnel.

They want a quick hit with little or no work.

Funny thing is though, an effective funnel doesn't take much extra effort, and the payoff can be immense.

Heck, the simple act of sticking a squeeze page in front of your sales letter means you are playing the Long Game, building the asset value of your company, and enhancing your per-visitor revenue.

When you enhance your revenue per visitor, something special happens…

You can afford to pay more for traffic. And when you can afford to out-bid competitors because you’re making more money, you really do own your market. You’re no longer chasing “cheap clicks,” you’re on the trail of something far more lucrative... Return-on-investment.

Competitors become affiliates and start sending you traffic because they make more than they do monetizing it themselves. You get a lot of risk-free visitors and only pay when people buy.

It's pretty awesome.

Step 4: Follow-Ups

Remember, email traffic is predisposed to opting into your list, so don’t waste the opportunity, especially when you can easily double your revenue over direct-linking by getting them to opt in and following up with a strong email sequence.

Of course, that means you have to capture names, build a squeeze page and a thank you page and autoresponder and all that stuff. And you have to write some follow ups, and a little copy.

But we are all grown ups here, right? You probably have that stuff in place. And if you don’t, it’s time you get with the program. This isn’t amateur hour, it's an online training for grown-up marketers who are ready to step up their game.

We practically run our business with easy-to-use tools like LeadPages.net, WordPress, OptimizePress, ClickFunnels, and an AWeber account.

No rocket science degree required:-)

OK, so what’s the Email Traffic Empire ?

It’s quite simply the most comprehensive training we’ve ever created about renting email lists, buying traffic, writing follow-ups, and working with networks, brokers, and list-owners:

  • The core training shows you the nuts and bolts of the business
  • The case studies reveal how we started a new business from scratch
  • See the results from real ads we bought (what worked, what didn't)
  • Discover our entire campaign strategy and thought process

It’s like you are our silent partner in our new business, and you get to see the results of the real ad campaigns just like we do. And of course, you gain the ability to do the same thing by modeling us.

Tim and I spent the last two years creating and perfecting this system, taking everything we know about driving sales (while building valuable lists) with email traffic and follow-ups.

We created a comprehensive training that’s structured just like our other Training Courses.

The material is presented in a way that makes sense without being overwhelming. There are 8 Core Modules and 16 Case Studies, and while you get access to everything at once, the material is designed to be consumed over 8 weeks.

It’s a “master class,” the culmination of our 2 decades of experience marketing with email distilled into actionable steps, letting you immediately leverage our efforts and experience.

The training is broken down into 8 easily digestible Modules:

  • Module 1: Uncovering available lists and traffic partners – The first step is learning who the players are in your niche. Uncovering who’s got the traffic, lists, and is already running offers.
  • Module 2: Building a killer email funnel – The perfect email funnel builds your list, engages users, pre-sells your product, and includes a secret trick that can increase revenue by 5X.
  • Module 3: Designing and writing killer ads – Tricks to get clicks, and how to create context and interest, even with a cold audience.
  • Module 4: Testing and tracking – Managing split-tests, subject lines, landing pages, and tracking it all back to the ad that made the sale.
  • Module 5: Enhancing traffic and profit – Remarketing, selling data, co-reg, affiliate offers, arbitrage opportunities, and using your own list as "bait" to get competitors to mail for you.
  • Module 6: Your follow-up funnel – Creating a follow up formula that turns prospects into customers.
  • Module 7: Staying compliant with CAN-Spam – Protect your open and click-through rates, and stay legal.
  • Module 8: Negotiating and scaling Ad Buys – How to negotiate and buy email advertising and get your traffic on a risk-free-basis.

The Modules contain text, demo videos, and screenshots. Tim and I pull back the curtain and give you pretty much everything we know about email marketing.

Unprecedented Access To Our New Business

Recently, Tim and I decided to create a new business in the weight-loss niche. The idea was to build a list, promote affiliate offers, and ultimately create our own products.

We paid for this business with a self-liquidating funnel that covered the ad expenses with the sales we made. That way, we wouldn’t be out of pocket much at any given time.

We also decided to document our start-up steps and initial email campaigns so you can see exactly how we did it, and you can basically model our process and do the same thing if you want.

And listen, this will be super valuable regardless of what you sell, because you'll learn the process that works regardless of your business or niche.

Think about it, f you could watch two experts build out email campaigns with a simple funnel that is truly self-liquidating, documenting the whole thing from beginning to end (while making thousands of dollars), well… what would that be worth?

  • We reveal the steps we take, and let you see into our AWeber, ClickBank, and Tracking accounts.
  • See the squeeze page tests we run including the multiple teasers and sales copy
  • Why we picked specific headlines, and where we got them (there’s a crucial trick to that)
  • The exact results we got from our tests.
  • You’ll discover how certain test results can be misleading, and how to be sure you’re looking at the right metrics. (For example, if you think the highest converting squeeze page is always the most profitable, wait until you see the third case-study!)
  • Watch us create our follow-up sequence, including the the actual messages we send
  • See how we “Test Fast” so we can get the ball rolling.

How we scale up...

The 16 case studies show our testing protocol and how we scale up.

Being able to watch us work through these challenges will give you the motivation, the inspiration, and the confidence to make those same decisions in your own business.

Have these things ever happened to you?

  • You run a campaign to an affiliate program product using your own squeeze page that makes back 50% of your investment… What do you do?
  • You run a campaign that breaks even but it’s to a small list you can’t really ramp up… What do you do?
  • Have you ever run some initial tests in a niche and felt you “were on the verge of something big” but didn’t know how to tweak it into a winner?

You'll Discover:

  • How to position your offers to hit it big with email marketing, in both consumer and B2B products.
  • How to brainstorm cross-promotion “hidden” related products for your lists that can tap into new streams of profit.
  • ​Specific funnel / listbuilding opportunities for email promotions you can exploit.
  • How to regroup if a promotion crashes and burns (it happened in one of our case studies, we show the good, the bad AND the ugly.) How to correct your course.
  • How to make data-driven decisions, and how to double-check your results to ensure you’re making the right ones.
  • How we tested over a dozen squeeze pages on the cheap (it helped us drop the 5 worst-performers).
  • ​How we ethically model other people's ad campaigns without violating copyrights or trademarks.
  • Our unique list-finder strategy that works in just about any niche that has competitors.

What's The Tuition?

We have both personally made 7 figures in sales in multiple markets doing what we’re going to show you.

In fact, we’ve put more money in the bank with these exact methods that with any other kind of traffic.

How much is virtually unlimited traffic worth to you?

What about a million dollar ad source?

Or the many thousands of dollars in extra cash you’ll bring in testing smart instead of wasting money on failed ad buys?

Depending on your situation it could be $10,000, $50,000, $100,000, or even more.

Obviously, we aren’t going to charge $100,000 for this training, but if you wanted to hire us personally, and have us both come to your office for a few weeks and show you all this stuff in person, that’s what we’d charge.

The Email Traffic Empire is a 8-Week Masterclass, worth $4,000, and frankly, that would be a great deal. This training is based on millions of dollars of real-life tests over 20+ years, and it's simply not available anywhere else at any price. And some good news...

Risk-Free Guarantee and Personal Promise

This course is jam- packed with strategies, techniques, tips and advice. However, if you don’t feel that you’ve got a wealth of knowledge from this extensive training, we’ll refund you promptly. We have a 100% unconditional 30-Day money back guarantee. So if you don’t feel that this course has paid for itself, simply let us know and we’ll give you you’re money back right away.

  • No purchase risk for 30 DAYS!
  • 100% unconditional guarantee
  • Return for any reason within 30 days

There’s really no way to lose.​

See you behind the curtain;-)

Respectfully submitted,

ABhadra & AISaikat.​